Help In The Dark /24-07-2014

Help In The Dark

  • Have a closet-light chain pull? It can be hard to find it in the dark. Try this to help out: Just clamp or tie on a "glowing" fish bobber on the end.


Candle Stuck in Holder? /21-07-2014

Candle Stuck in Holder?

  • If you discover that you can't get a candle out of a votive holder, put it into the freezer until it's cold. Then the candle should pop right out. If small candlesticks have wax left on them that you can't remove easily, put them into the freezer too. When the wax is solid, it can be flicked off.


Fast Bathroom Sink Cleanup

Fast Bathroom Sink Cleanup

  • Speed–shine the chrome fixtures with a facial tissue wetted with mouthwash and then wipe off the sink


Kitchen Cabinets Dark Inside? /14-07-2014

Kitchen Cabinets Dark Inside?

  • If you have a problem finding what you're looking for inside cabinets, place inexpensive push lights on the underside of the shelves. Then you can see and get what you need faster.


Hem Comes Undone 09-07-2014

Hem Comes Undone

  • If you are away from home, use these ideas for a quick fix: masking tape, safety pins or stapler. At home, you can repair the fallen hem with fabric glue, iron-on fusible tape or good old thread.


If Your Dishwasher isn't Working Properly 04-07-2014

If Your Dishwasher isn't Working Properly

  • Have you cleaned it, in addition to the regular dish cleaning? Dishwashers need a good cleaning too. The cleaner it is, the better it will work. To remove stains, sprinkle instant powdered orange or lemon breakfast drink on them. Let stand for about an hour. Wipe off.


When Having Holiday Gatherings

When Having Holiday Gatherings

  • You don't have to do everything yourself! Many guests love to help out and will ask if they can. Take them up on it and take a load off yourself. Get all family members involved in the event too!


Need More Storage Space in the Garage? 30-06-2014

Need More Storage Space in the Garage?

  • Utilize the air space. Hang a hammock up there to store light items, such as holiday decorations or seasonal items. This will work in your children's rooms, too, for teddy bears or other items.