When You Finish Painting a Room 02-09-2014

When You Finish Painting a Room

  • Write the brand of paint, color and amount used in the room on the back of the light-switch plate in that room. You won't have to try to find that information when you need to repaint — it will be right there.


Keeping Lemons and Limes

Keeping Lemons and Limes

  • Freeze wedges or whole citrus fruit in a heavy plastic freezer bag. When you need to use one, remove it and put into the microwave for a minute or two and then let stand for about 10 minutes before using.


How Long Will Peanut Butter Last? 20-08-2014

How Long Will Peanut Butter Last?

  • It's best if you refrigerate it. A jar of peanut butter will keep about 6 months unopened and about 2 months after it's been opened under normal storage conditions.


How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee 13-08-2014

How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee

  • Start with fresh cold water. Use the correct of amount of coffee (usually 2 teaspoons per cup) and choose the proper grind for the method of brewing. Drink coffee when it's fresh (if it sits around too long, it doesn't taste good). Wash coffeepot as often as you can - don't let coffee oils build up.


Need to Use Extension Cords? 03-08-2014

Need to Use Extension Cords?

  • Never put them under rugs. Because of wear-and-tear, the cords can fray, bend to expose wire, be gnawed on by pets and possibly short out, causing a fire.

Grease on Tablecloth 03-08-2014

Grease on Tablecloth

  • To remove large amounts, first sprinkle cornstarch or talcum powder onto the stain and pat in. When grease is absorbed, brush off. Use a prewash spray to further treat any remaining stain and then wash in the hottest water okay for the fabric (check care label). Check the stained area before putting into the dryer to make sure stain is gone. If not, give it a second treatment.


Tub Have a Soapy Film Around It?

Tub Have a Soapy Film Around It?

  • You can remove it simply by pouring a bit of cheap hair shampoo on a sponge. Then rub the filmy area, let it sit for a while and rinse with clear water. Try to do this after each bath or shower you take, so there won't be a buildup.


Help In The Dark /24-07-2014

Help In The Dark

  • Have a closet-light chain pull? It can be hard to find it in the dark. Try this to help out: Just clamp or tie on a "glowing" fish bobber on the end.