When You Travel. 27-03-2015

When You Travel.

  • Be sure to put stick-on address labels on your binoculars, cell phone, cameras or other possessions. Place several business cards inside your luggage and coats in case they get lost or left behind.


Window Oven Greasy? 20-03-2015

Window Oven Greasy?

  • To remove the grease from the oven glass, wipe both sides with ammonia and let it to stay on for a couple of minutes. Use a plastic scraper to take off the greasy stuff.


Crayon marks on walls? 16-03-2015

Crayon marks on walls?

  • This worked wonderfully! A damp rag, dipped in baking soda. Comes of with little effort (elbow grease that is!).


Hardwood Floors Squeaking? 13-03-2015

Hardwood Floors Squeaking?

  • Sprinkle talcum powder over the noisy area. Then sweep the talc until it settles between the cracks. It should lessen those creaking, squeaking floorboards.


Glasses Cloudy? 11-03-2015

Glasses Cloudy?

  • This may be caused by hard water buildup. To try to remove it, soak the glasses in warm vinegar and then scrub with a brush and wash. If you can't get the buildup off, the glasses could be etched (scratched), which cannot be removed.


Clothes Have a Smoky Stink? 10-03-15

Clothes Have a Smoky Stink?

  • If garments smell bad, first hang them in the fresh air. Also, many fabric-odor sprays can do a good job and normal laundering should remove this odor. 


When You Store Linens 18-02-2015

When You Store Linens

  • Wash, fold and put away. Do not starch or use fabric softener because dampness in the storage area could react with the starch and create stains or even encourage mildew. Starch and iron later when you need to use them.


Tip: Boost your bar soap's shelf life.


Tip: Boost your bar soap's shelf life.

  • It may sound strange, but simply storing your bar soap unwrapped will give you more suds. The reason? Exposure to air dries out the soap, so it doesn't dissolve as quickly when it comes into contact with water. To get the benefit, unwrap any bars and let them dry out for at least a week