Quick Repair For Small Wall Holes 28-10-2014

Quick Repair For Small Wall Holes

  • If you take nails out of the wall, you can fill the holes in white plaster walls with a paste of crushed aspirin and water or white regular toothpaste pushed into the hole.


Quicker Way to Cook Meat Loaf

Quicker Way to Cook Meat Loaf

  • Instead of baking in a loaf pan, flatten meat in an 8-inch square pan for a shorter cooking time. The flat square pieces you cut up also will be a perfect fit for sandwiches.


If Eggs Are Stuck in the Carton 23-10-2014

If Eggs Are Stuck in the Carton

  • Soak the carton in lukewarm water, just long enough to loosen uncracked eggs. Then cook or refrigerate them immediately. NEVER use cracked eggs because they can become contaminated when cracked.


Adding Punch to Prunes

Adding Punch to Prunes

  • These dried plums can be revitalized by soaking them in water, tea, wine or brandy. If they are cooking in a dish that contains lots of liquid, then they don't have to be soaked in advance.


Metal Miniblinds Greasy? 28-09-2014

Metal Miniblinds Greasy?

  • To remove dirt, wipe with a mixture of one teaspoon of mild liquid detergent and one quart of warm water. Rinse and wipe dry. Dust or vacuum regularly to prevent a dirty buildup.


Removing Ink Stains

Removing Ink Stains

  • A little lemon and seltzer will remove those pesky ink stains after you've been fingerprinted


When You Finish Painting a Room 02-09-2014

When You Finish Painting a Room

  • Write the brand of paint, color and amount used in the room on the back of the light-switch plate in that room. You won't have to try to find that information when you need to repaint — it will be right there.


Keeping Lemons and Limes

Keeping Lemons and Limes

  • Freeze wedges or whole citrus fruit in a heavy plastic freezer bag. When you need to use one, remove it and put into the microwave for a minute or two and then let stand for about 10 minutes before using.