Spray Nozzle Clogged? [29-8-15]

Spray Nozzle Clogged?

  • If you can't get hair spray, or spray starch to come out, remove the nozzle from the aerosol can and run clear water through and put back on and it should be ready to spray again.


Crocheted Doilies Limp? [24-8-15]

Crocheted Doilies Limp?
  • You can revive them to original shapes by mixing 1/4 cup water with 3/4 cup sugar over low heat until sugar is melted (do not boil). Then wet the doily in water and remove any excess water. Gently dip doily into the water-sugar mixture and put on an absorbent towel to air-dry. The doily should be firm again.


When Going into the Attic [20-8-15]

When Going into the Attic
  • Put on a pair of kneepads and put a flashlight near the door. Establish a clear crawl space or walkway through the boxes, so you can move freely and find what you're looking for. Be sure boxes don't block the path. Check the space at least yearly for pest invasion and try to clean several times.


Frying with Butter [17-08-15]

Frying with Butter

  • Try this: my mother used to add a tiny bit of vegetable oil to the bottom of the pan before she added the butter. It helps keep the butter browning gently without burning.


Decanter Looks Filmy [16-08-15]

Decanter Looks Filmy
  • To get it clear and clean, fill the decanter with warm full-strength white household vinegar and allow it to soak overnight. Using a plastic bottle brush, scrub well. You may need to do this several times to eliminate the hard water build-up.


Preserving Family Photos [15-08-15]

Preserving Family Photos

  • Hurricanes, fires and floods happen. Damage from these storms can ruin many things in your home, including valuable family pictures. Make extra copies of precious photos by scanning in your computer or copying them. Store originals in a water-tight safe spot.


Pet Birds Don't Eat All Their Birdseed [14-08-15]

Pet Birds Don't Eat All Their Birdseed

  • When you feed your pet bird those tasty birdseeds, many may fall to the bottom of the cage or be left in the feeding cup. Don't throw out the leftovers; instead toss them to your outdoor birds.


Toilet Needs Cleaning? [13-08-15]

Toilet Needs Cleaning?
  • Pour full-strength household vinegar into the bowl. Let sit for at least five minutes. Then scrub and flush. If it's still not sparkling, repeat this and scrub well. Do not use harsh abrasives, such as steel scouring pads or steel wool, on porcelain or ceramic bowls; they could damage them.