Ice Cube Surprises [6-10-15]

Ice Cube Surprises
  • When serving summer drinks, add a treat to the ice cubes, such as mint leaves or maraschino cherries. Another fun surprise, make large cubes; freeze them in muffin tins.


Removing Labels from Glass Jars [4-10-15]

Removing Labels from Glass Jars

  • Put the jar into the microwave with a wet towel over the label. Turn microwave on low and look at it after 30 seconds. The heat should soften the glue, making it easy to pull off the label.


Keep Losing Your Keys, etc.? [2-10-15]

Keep Losing Your Keys, etc.?
  • Select a basket, bowl, dish or platter close to the entrance as THE place you empty your pockets or purse. When you get home, put your keys in this designated spot.   


Plastic Tablecloth Stinky? [30-9-15]

Plastic Tablecloth Stinky?

  • Wipe off debris first and then clean with a mixture of 1 tablespoon or so of baking soda with water. Rinse and hang to dry.


Glass Cookware Covered in Grease

Glass Cookware Covered in Grease

  • To remove this, spray the affected area with oven cleaner. Allow to remain on the surface for at least 30 minutes. Then wash and rinse well. Do not scrub with a steel-wool pad; it weakens the glass.


Dusting A Ceiling Fan [21-9-15]

Dusting A Ceiling Fan

  • Set up a regular cleaning schedule to remove ceiling fan dust; otherwise it will continue to fly around a room. To clean, turn off fan and spray an old sock with furniture polish or dampen with water and wipe each fan blade.


What are Drippings? [17-9-15]

What are Drippings?

  • The fat that comes out of meats when they cook, running into the bottom of the pan. Drippings can added to a thickener, such as cornstarch or flour, or with a liquid like wine, bouillon or water to make a tasty sauce or gravy.


Make Chocolate Pretzels [12-9-15]

Make Chocolate Pretzels

  • Transform plain pretzels by dipping them into chocolate. Melt your favorite chocolate in a double boiler. Get your family involved by having them dunk the pretzels (with tongs) into the hot chocolate. Lay them on a sheet of waxed paper or a wire rack so the chocolate can cool.